Doing Business With MCM

Want to Use our Facilities To Produced A Show For Our Channels?

If you want to produce content MCM channel 19 or 21, read our MCM Statement of Policy on Public Access  which reads in part: Montgomery Community Media (MCM) is a service of Montgomery Community Television, Inc. (MCT), which is a non-profit corporation under the laws of Maryland. Montgomery Community Television (MCT), an independent non-profit organization, was established in 1984 to oversee the control, supervision, and management of the community access cable television channels and related production facilities. The purpose of community access cable is to provide a medium for individuals, organizations, and institutions to communicate to Montgomery County residents via non-commercial channels on the cable television system.

MCT will seek to allow the greatest possible latitude of freedom of speech of a non-commercial nature consistent with legal constraints and community standards.  No part of the program may contain any solicitation for funds or other property of value.  Program producers may obtain support funding to cover producer-incurred expenses.

Residents of Montgomery County may submit a program for presentation on MCT’s channels regardless of where it was produced. A user who intends to create content by serving as volunteer producer or intends to submit completed programs must be an individual, organization, institution, or business that:

  1. Has a legal address in Montgomery County; or
  2. Has a legal address within the service area of the cable television provider to Montgomery County.

Use of the MCT facilities and channels are available to residents of Montgomery County.  Under certain circumstances, non-county residents may also use the facilities. MCT may refuse access to eligible users who interfere with the orderly conduct of agency activities. One becomes eligible by qualifying as outlined in the MCM Statement of Policy on Public Access.

Certification is the process whereby eligible, current members and access users (herein referred to as “user) can learn or demonstrate their ability in production techniques.  The intent is to identify and foster competent users and protect equipment.

  1. Training & Certification – MCT and its agents conduct workshops and training sessions to instruct eligible individuals in the required areas of skill. Successful completion of the workshop is determined through a testing procedure that results in certification. Certification begins immediately upon successful testing.  Only members who are currently certified or engaged in training may use MCT’s facilities.
  2. Equivalency – As part of the certification process, equivalency testing is available to those who can demonstrate previous experience in the various aspects of television production. A refresher course on previously gained certification may be required.
  3. Decertification – Any user who demonstrates an inability to perform in a specific area, uses the equipment in a negligent manner, or violates policies or procedures, will be decertified and subject to suspension.
  4. Recertification – A decertified user may request recertification testing providing s/he is not under suspension.

Click this hyperlink for the full MCM Statement of Policy on Public Access on our goals, responsibility for policy making on community access, age requirements, user conduct, program content requirements and more.

Want to Submit A Pre-Produced Show For Our Channels?

Learn more about submitting content at this link MCM Access User Content Submission. View the Facility User Guidelines for Distribution of User Provided Programming or Content to learn more about the transmission facilities and platforms for distributing MCM programming or content. Also check out the MCM Program Tech Specs form to review the technical specifications for program submission.

Need to Get Certified To Produce Show Four Our Channels?

Need to get certified as a producer or crew member so you can air shows on Channel 19 or 21? Our MCM award-winning team of industry professionals is committed to creating high-quality and compelling content and helping Montgomery County residents, non-profits, agencies, and businesses with everything from production planning to delivering video across a variety of platforms. We have certification programs and customised trainings to help develop content for our channels. Click here to learn more about our classes and upcoming certifications classes.